Sunday, August 14, 2016

Santa Fe Triathlon

Yun, Ayoub, Cece and Salma in Santa Fe

 For the most part, it was early to bed and early to rise for the Uptown Funk Team in the Santa Fe Triathlon...except Ayoub who was celebrating his birthday the day and night before with his family!  Happy Birthday Ayoub!

We,  all made it to Santa Fe in time to get marked and to catch our bearings.  Cece and Ayoub got to warm up and Yun discovered that the relay teams did not have to set up their transition area in the way back.  This pleased  Cece to no end as she was able to move up higher toward the bike mount.  The point is, she did not have to run very far in cleats with her bike in tow!

Lilly and the kids made it  up as well as Barry and Kathy!  It was a great surprise to see and hear everyone cheering us on and supporting us!    We all got lots of hugs on this day!
And that is always a wonderful thing!  Ayoub laced up his running shoes and off he went.  Again coming in as the fastest runner.   Cece was waiting and was ready to take off before the officials were even at the ready! 

Cece was the first bike on the course and she was escorted by motorcycle police for the first 2.5 miles.    This had never happened to Cece before.  She realized that 6 years ago when she and Ayoub did this triathlon, Cece was again the first bike on the course, but was waved the wrong way so she ended up going the wrong way.  This time she made sure this would not happen again!  She enjoyed the sights and sound of the motorcycle escort until all of a sudden she heard a fast wheel approaching and then swoosh.....she was passed by a man with a skin suit and aero helmet on.  Well, 4 more fast bikes past her soon after...and she was good until she made her first long climb.  A few more passed her but still not too bad...and she told herself not to worry just to ride her own race. 

When you have to climb a hill you remember how it feels.  This hill was an easier climb then it was 6 years ago and that made Cece happy!  Her training had paid off!   

The last 6 miles of the race for Cece were all up hill and it was not long before she was passed by a Spokette...the women's racing team.  Once Dora passed her, Cece knew there went first place.  Dora was on a Coed relay team too! 
Once back at the Geneveva Chavez Community Center, Cece passed off to Yun for the last swim leg of the race!  Yun had been watching the Olympic breast strokers and was amending her style virtually... and it certainly paid off! 
Yun with 1 lap to go!  

She looks like an Olympian!
Yun was able to find her grace that she felt was missing from her previous swim and had modified her stroke. We were all commenting, as she swam,  at what an improvement she had made!  HOORAY!

Well, we came in 2nd place out of 6 teams!  We got some nice gifts and gift certificates and our picture taken with a county commissioner!  What could be better?  It was a great fun filled day with many challenges and accomplishments and we were all happy for it!